Where to Take Animal Lovers in Cleveland, Ohio

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Cleveland is a lovely city full of an enormous amount of interesting activities, where entertainment opportunities abound. Whether you are from Cleveland or just visiting, you’ll find both the city and the people to be exceptionally kind and welcoming. The nature-focused environment creates a perfect atmosphere for animal lovers to visit some favorite creatures. Read on for our list of the best places to take animal lovers in Cleveland.

Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary

A brown horse frolicking in a grassy scene

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The Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary provides a wonderful opportunity for the Cleveland community to help animals that have previously been neglected, mistreated, or need rehabilitation. Cleveland residents are encouraged to learn about these animals, ranging from horses to chickens, pigs, and even goats. Those 18 years and older are invited to volunteer and help the mission of creating a better life for animals and finding forever homes for others. You can volunteer your time by committing to at least 3 hours per week, participating in orientation, and filling out a volunteer application.

Working to help animals live an improved and safe life is an altruistic act that many people find rewarding. Whether you love bonding with animals, want to learn a little about farm animal care, or are looking to make a difference in the community, consider this option. For information, or to learn how you can sponsor an animal, call 330-296-5914.

Wagon Trails Animal Park

Wagon Trails Animal Park is a safari adventure ideal for animal lovers to visit on a first date or for the aspiring zoologist in your life. With over 350 animals from six different continents, you’re sure to get your fill of some quirky and interesting creatures while visiting this location. While visiting, be ready for some up-close experiences as guests can often feed many of the animals. Make sure to have your camera ready, but be cautious about camera noises and flashes, as those can spook a hungry little critter.

Safaris are a fun and safe way to see these creatures roaming free on the premises. Some animals you will find at the Wagon Trails Animal Park include the macaw, emu, pheasant, llama, alpaca, miniature donkey, yak, bison, Texas longhorn, water buffalo, zebra, the miniature horse, elk, fallow deer, camel, and the potbellied pig.

Be sure to take advantage of this experience while you can, as the Wagon Trails Animal Park is in their last season. Safaris have no set schedule but do take off periodically throughout the day to see the animals. Unless you have a party of over 30 people, there is no need to make reservations.

Business hours on Saturday and Sunday start at 10 a.m. with the last safari leaving at 3:30 p.m. Weekdays are reserved for school groups only and closed to the public. Tuesday the park is closed to give the animals some peace and rest. General admission starts at $19 for adults and $16 for children. For information, or to learn about group rates, call 330-539-4494.

Akron Zoo

The Akron Zoo is a unique experience where you can see zoo animals in ways that you never have before. The experience allows guests to get closer than typical, with uniquely designed exhibits. Animal habitats range from the Komodo Kingdom and Penguin Point to Pride of Africa, Wild Prairie, and Wild Asia.

Curious Creatures, one of the most popular areas to visit for guests, features a world full of fantastic animals with strange adaptations. Check out the mantis shrimp that packs a punch or the leaf cutter ant that solves puzzles. The panther chameleon changes colors to camouflage itself and stay hidden from danger. In the Learning Lab, get up close and learn about different invertebrates.

Other animals at the Akron Zoo include the African lion, capybara, coyote, jaguar, grizzly bear, red panda, Seba’s short-tailed bat, bald eagle, barn owl, mandarin, green tree python, poison dart frog, electric eel, and even some venus fly traps.

Akron Zoo is on Euclid Avenue in Akron. Business hours are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m daily between April 1 through October 31. General admission tickets start at $14 for adults and $11 for children. For information, or to learn about membership options, call 330-375-2550.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo aims to secure a future for wildlife by educating the public and focusing on conservation efforts and awareness. The zoo is unique in that it features special programs for visitors to interact with animals. You can become a keeper for a day by shadowing animal professionals in the zoo’s Conservation Education Division. Or join the celebration in July for the Asian Lantern Festival.

For a truly unique experience, schedule a zoo tour. Small group tours allow you to explore the behind-the-scenes aspect of the zoo. Choose a staff-guided golf cart tour, see some animals being cared for in the background, and learn about the details of on-site conservation efforts.

The zoo is at 3500 Wildlife Way, right here in Cleveland Check out the website for a full calendar of zoo events. Hours of operation are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. from April through October and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m from November through March. Tickets range from $14 for children to $18 for adults. For information, call 216-661-6500.

Stay-a-While Cat Shelter

The Stay-a-While Cat Shelter helps homeless cats find a warm and safe place to stay. The mission is focused on providing a cage-free area for cats while they receive the care they need and support to find a forever home. The no-kill shelter is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in North Royalton, Ohio, just a half-hour drive from Cleveland. Founded in 1981, this shelter provides living arrangements for cats that is humane and allows them to roam free in a spacious ranch home lush with trees and wildlife. For more information, or to learn how you and the animal lover in your life can help, call 440-582-4990.

So there you have it. Kia of Streetsboro has enjoyed sharing with you our list of the best places to take animal lovers in Cleveland. If you have someone in your life that has to pet every dog they see, or if your child is an aspiring zoologist, consider visiting one of these spots. What do you think of our list? Did we miss your favorite spot to take the animal lover in your life? If we did, let us know. Leave us a message sharing your ideas, and we’ll be happy to check out your suggestions.

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