Where to Get the Best Cakes in Cleveland, Ohio

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The Cleveland area offers an abundance of tasty treats, from ice cream to delicious donuts and beyond. For special events, however, there’s nothing like a thoughtful cake to complete the occasion. Whether you’re looking for a time-tested recipe passed down for generations or a modern creation that’s perfectly on-trend, there’s a bakery in this city that can cater to your needs. Here’s a rundown of our favorite destinations for the best cakes in Cleveland.

Presti’s Bakery

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Presti’s Bakery has been a staple of Cleveland’s Little Italy since 1903. This family-owned and operated business now employs the fourth generation of Prestis. Michael, the pastry chef, uses the same recipes, techniques, and ingredients as the bakery’s founders. Though the menu has expanded, the outstanding quality remains unchanged.

You can order a variety of Italian specialty cakes from Presti’s. Options include cassata cake, sorrentina cake, tiramisu, Italian cheesecake, carrot cake, red velvet cake, and sponge cake with your choice of custard and strawberry filling or cannoli filling. Cakes are available in 6-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch sizes. You should plan to pre-order cakes at least 24 hours in advance.

The Boujie Bakery

The Boujie Bakery is a spin-off from the family-operated Baby Cakes Bakery which was in operation for nearly a decade. The Boujie menu changes daily, offering around 50 flavors. If you’re looking for a creative alternative to traditional cake, try one of the bakery’s gourmet funnel cakes, made daily in-store. You can order decadent funnel cake flavor options like turtle, s’mores, banana pudding, strawberry cheesecake, Flintstone, banana cinnamon roll, and Reese’s. The bakery also serves cheesecake, pound cake, and cupcakes. If you need a treat for your furry friend, you’ll be delighted to find pupcakes on the menu, too.

If you’re interested in a specialty cake, The Boujie Bakery is happy to oblige with an abundance of creative custom options. You must order specialty cakes at least three weeks in advance.

Luna Bakery & Cafe

Luna Bakery & Cafe offers a vast menu of sweet treats that you can custom order when you need a special cake to help you celebrate an important day. If you’re catering to a gluten-free crowd, Luna’s menu is especially well-suited to your needs. The gluten-free flourless chocolate cake is a rich masterpiece, available with your choice of fresh raspberries and raspberry jam, salted caramel glaze, or chocolate ganache glaze. The Luna Cake is another gluten-free specialty. This chocolate almond cake features chocolate buttercream, raspberry jam, and a chocolate ganache glaze.

Luna Bakery also offers crepe cake, rum bundt cake, and creamy vanilla cheesecake with your choice of toppings. You must order these cakes 12 to 48 hours in advance.

If you’re in need of a custom cake for a wedding, milestone birthday, or another major event, Luna offers sweet three-layer masterpieces with buttercream filling and Swiss meringue buttercream icing or fondant. You must order specialty cakes like these one to two weeks in advance.

Baraona’s Bakery

In business for nearly seven decades, Baraona’s Bakery has a long history of serving satisfying sweets. Its cassata cake with layered sponge cake, strawberry and custard filling, and whipped cream icing comes from a heritage recipe that’s been handed down for generations. This signature item is available daily alongside a selection of buttercream iced cakes.

If you’re looking for a different flavor, you can order specialty cakes in advance. Baraona’s offers a variety of flavors including chocolate fudge, German chocolate, banana nut, date nut, and carrot cake. For something unique, consider the Italian ribbon cake which features strawberry, white, and pistachio cake layers that resemble the Italian flag. Raspberry buttercream filling holds the layers together while chocolate whipped topping adds a rich finish.

Slices Fabulous Pastries

Slices Fabulous Pastries has been serving gourmet cakes for more than 25 years. The bakery provides desserts for delis, caterers, cafes, and private customers throughout Northeastern Ohio. All cakes are made from scratch with premium ingredients like real butter, pure vanilla, and European fruit glazes. All of Slices’ cakes are 12 inches with 16 pieces. You can order a variety of specialty cake flavors including chocolate mousse, Oreo, German chocolate, Black Forest, and carrot cake. Slices also offers Chantilly cakes, tiramisu, and rhapsody torte.

If you’re craving cheesecake, Slices has dozens of distinctive options. You can explore flavors like raspberry Neapolitan, peach schnapps, raspberry lemonade, banana split, chocolate amaretto, apple caramel, and more. Each cake is made to order so you must order at least 24 hours in advance.

A Cookie and a Cupcake

When you want to make a stunning impression on your guests, A Cookie and a Cupcake is the bakery to call. This company makes eye-catching cupcakes and specialty cakes with photo-worthy features that will make them the centerpiece of any party. You can order custom cakes with 2D or 3D characters, icing ruffles, Rosette buttercream texture, sculpted fondant, floral wreaths, and more.

Simpler vintage cakes are available with just 48 hours’ notice. For more elaborate cakes, place your order at least two weeks in advance.

Chanelle’s Treatz

Chanelle’s Treatz offers everything from everyday sweets to elaborate specialty cakes. Even a classic cake comes with plentiful customization options. Choose from chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry cake with buttercream, chocolate, strawberry, or cream cheese icing. You can add fillings, strawberries, dipped strawberries, drunken berries, infusions, or custom toppers to any order. Specialty cheesecakes come in several distinctive flavors including chocolate peanut butter, peach cobbler, strawberry crunch supreme, and Oreo dream.

Chanelle’s Treatz will also work with you to make a one-of-a-kind cake suited to your special event. All cakes should be ordered at least 24 hours in advance. Specialty cakes may require additional time.

These are our picks for the best cakes in Cleveland. Do you agree with our selection or have something to add? If we’ve missed a great local bakery, contact our team at Kia of Streetsboro and let us know so we can update our listing. We want to have all the best recommendations in the city so we know where to send our customers as they drive off the lot.

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