2022 Kia Niro EV Towing Capacity

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The 2022 Kia Niro EV combines the best of both worlds by offering impressive towing capacities with an efficient hybrid engine. Upgrades to the latest model add convenience and power for towing so you can haul and transport all your needs without sacrificing efficiency or style.

The team at Kia of Streetsboro has rounded up the most important factors, systems, and capacities for the Niro EV’s towing abilities. View the information and features of the latest model to determine how the Niro EV can meet your needs and improve your towing experience.

2022 Kia Niro Towing Capacity

The 2022 Kia Niro EV appears as the first Niro EV model to have towing capabilities. As the second generation for the Niro lineup, the 2022 model boasts its ability and towing capacity. Drivers can enjoy the efficiency, power, and benefits of an electric vehicle with a maximum payload or towing capacity of 849 pounds.

This towing capacity allows you to haul and tow small loads of cargo, equipment, and supplies. The electric power of the 2022 Niro EV supplies the torque and power for easy towing without the fuel consumption and costs of a regular engine. The size and weight of your trailer or load may affect the range of your vehicle, but the convenience and ability to tow can provide helpful performance for tasks such as vacation, moving, or transporting equipment.

Towing Abilities

While the towing capacity may seem limited, the 2022 Kia Niro EV is the first version to include any towing capacity. Drivers looking for a vehicle that can handle the occasional small trailer or lighter loads can find that the Niro EV provides a capable, efficient, and stylish option. Keep reading to learn about the towing types and capabilities of the 2022 Niro EV.

Cargo Trailers

The most common use for towing with the Niro EV typically includes drivers looking to attach and haul small to mid-size cargo trailers. Lightweight and small cargo trailers can easily attach to the back of the vehicle or a tow hitch accessory. Drivers may use the towing abilities of the 2022 Niro EV to haul luggage, equipment loads, or storage items. Ensure that the trailer meets the weight requirements and remains under the maximum capacity for the safety of your drive.

Small Caravans

The somewhat limited capacity of the 2022 Niro EV means that your ability to tow a caravan can depend on the size and weight of the attachment. Check the weight and size of the caravan before driving and towing to maintain a safe drive and environment. Many small caravans such as teardrop caravans and trailer tents can fit under the capacity and abilities of the Niro EV. Drivers who frequent the various campsites, parks, and waterfronts in Streetsboro can use the Niro EV to haul their equipment, small trailers, and boats.

Towing Accessories

Purchasing accessories for your Niro EV can make the towing, attachment, and loading processes easier and more secure. Consider researching various tow hitch additions, hook systems, and cables that offer additional support to the vehicle and ensure the proper attachment of your trailer. Towing accessories can improve the convenience and ability to tow.

Additional Features

The 2022 Kia Niro EV boasts the ability to tow and haul your equipment and cargo, but the newest upgrades to the vehicle also offer enhancements and innovations for features such as the battery, range, performance, and safety. View the additional factors and changes that make the 2022 Niro EV a desirable and valuable investment.


The battery and electric motor for the Niro EV provides power for the car and driver. The 2022 EV runs on a 356-volt battery that provides a power output of 170killo-watts. As a fully electric vehicle, this model harnesses its power and operations from the battery and charging power sources to provide an impressive range, performance, and reliability.


The battery and electric motor of the Niro EV offer fast and convenient charging options. The plug-in model offers compatibility with most public charging stations and a large number of fast-charging ports. Fast-charging ports can offer a full power supply in approximately one hour, with other standard chargers offering a charging time of about nine and a half hours. The exact time and power capacity can vary according to the condition of your vehicle and the cable or charging type.


The electric power source of the Niro EV offers an estimated maximum range of 293 miles on a full charge. Your exact power and range can vary based on factors such as weight, road conditions, and speed. The power necessary for towing functions can also affect the range and power. The estimated range for the battery drops by approximately 50% when towing to produce an average range of 118 miles. Drivers in the Streetsboro area can feel secure in the range and reliability of their EVs with charging stations placed in many locations and gas stations throughout the city.


The battery and equipment in the Kia Niro EV deliver a powerful and smooth driving performance. The newest model boasts an output of 201-horsepower and delivers 291lb-ft of torque. A front-wheel-drive system and electric motor-driven steering work to make the Niro EV a powerful, smooth, and precise car for drivers.


The safety systems, features, and technologies of the 2022 Niro EV ensure the safety and security of the driver, passengers, and others on the road. This vehicle comes equipped with the manufacturer’s Kia Drive Wise package. Safety systems include forward-collision avoidance, pedestrian detection, lane-keeping assistance, lane departure warnings, blind-spot monitoring, and smart cruise control. These systems aim to help the driver and alert them of hazards and conditions on the road. More traditional safety features, such as dual airbags, three-point seatbelts, anti-lock braking, and traction control systems, work to enhance the safety of drivers and passengers throughout the cabin.

Customers looking to enhance their work or their daily commute while enjoying the savings and benefits of an electric vehicle can find everything they need in the all-new 2022 Kia Niro EV. With performance, safety, design, and towing features, the Niro can provide you with a convenient and high-quality vehicle and drive.

Drivers looking to explore and purchase the 2022 Kia Niro EV can contact us today or visit our showroom at Kia of Streetsboro in Streetsboro, Ohio. Our trained and friendly team of sales representatives has the knowledge and expertise to help you find, purchase, and finance a car that’s right for you.

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