Volunteer Opportunities in Portage County & Northeast Ohio

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Many people throughout Streetsboro engage in volunteer work and opportunities to improve their community and support their neighbors across Portage County and the Northeast Ohio region. Fortunately there are many ways to volunteer in Streetsboro and the surrounding community. Do you have skills to donate? Is there a cause personal to you? Our business takes giving back seriously, and we’ve compiled a list of our staff’s favorite places to volunteer in Streetsboro and beyond. Here are some ways to start volunteering in Portage County, Ohio



The Salvation Army

Since 1865, the Salvation Army in Portage County has lent hands to humanity in so many ways. From feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, aiding the addicted and more, everyone can find a way to be of service to this army. They pass out hot meals at three different Akron locations and are constantly looking for help. In fact, they’ll help you get involved. Arrive at 190 S Maple Street by 10:30 AM. They’ll give you a ride to one of the other locations or get you working there.

The Salvation Army is also looking for volunteers for facilities maintenance, landscaping, cooking and distributing food. Teachers and counselors are in high demand. The Hudson Ohio location is only a few miles west of Streetsboro. Call them at (330)653-9461.

Habitat for Humanity

If you have construction skills, Habitat for Humanity of Portage County is happy to borrow them. If you aren’t good with a hammer and saw yet, here’s a great way to learn. They accept volunteers as young as sixteen (with parental consent.) Not only do they need help building and repairing homes for those in need; they also need people to work in their stores, support event planning, and family selection.

Learn more about how to help by calling (330)296-2880 or reach out to Dominique Burrell at [email protected] Check out their ReStore at 1510 S Water Street in Kent. Declutter your garage by donating extra building materials and unneeded furnishings. After donating, shop there and you’ll always find something unique.

Girls on the Run

Love to run and want to share the love? Girls on the Run is a 10-week after school program that builds a foundation of self-respect and healthy living for growing women through running. If there’s a GOTR chapter in your town or school, find out how you can participate at (234)206-0786 or by emailing [email protected] If there isn’t one yet, find out how you can start one.

The program culminates with a 5k run at Mayfield High School in Cleveland on November 10. Volunteers are needed to promote and train before the event plus to manage and organize the actual event. Help build the next generation of unstoppable women.

Miller Community House

For the homeless or those teetering on the brink, the Miller Community House is a safety net. It provides emergency shelter and supportive services to men, women and children. Their mission is to create a healthy, affordable housing solution within 30 days. They staff advocates, case managers, and housing specialists on-site to help individuals and families get access to safe housing and the means to afford it. They aim to create a long-term plan comprising education, job skills, counseling and financial planning.

The home features five large bedrooms, shared living rooms, indoor and outdoor play areas, laundry, and a large kitchen. It’s stocked with basic personal items for the residents. Call (330)673-0034 to find out how you can help. Located at 1211 Anita Drive in Kent, the MIller House keeps families off the street and helps them rebound to a better life.

Big Brothers and Sisters

If you are at least 18 years old, can commit to 12 hours per month and can be a positive influence, you can be a part of Big Brothers and Sisters of Central Ohio. If you’re between 6 and 14, you can be a little. Although the program is designed to mentor youths, the relationship between Bigs and Littles is mutually beneficial. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s helping whom.

As a Big, you’ll be part of a professionally supported one-to-one relationship with a child. What will you do? Almost anything that works for your schedule: sports on the weekends, chats in the evening, help with their homework or practicing something you’re skilled at. The point is to give your energy, caring and creativity. Contact Big Brothers and Sisters of Central Ohio online or call (330)296-6655.

Family and Community Services Inc.

Family and Community Services, Inc is actually a vast collection of charities in Portage County and 26 other counties in Ohio and Michigan. Founded in 1941, the corporation has grown to manage over 70 programs with almost 600 staff and 3,600 volunteers. The previously mentioned Miller Community House is one of their many projects. Their mission is to “strengthen, empower and enrich the lives of individuals and families through a continuum of services.”

They serve at risk families, hungry children, veterans, the addicted, unemployed, and anyone in need. Their range of services then provides jobs and volunteer opportunities for thousands. Not only do they need help with cleaning, cooking and distributing goods, they welcome counselors, mentors, and anyone skilled in applying for government grants. Call (330)297-7027 or visit the headquarters at 705 Oakwood Street, Suite 221, in Ravenna, Ohio.

Stand Up for Kids

The core mission of Stand Up for Kids in is to end the cycle of youth homelessness one kid at a time. They are a mobile and active group reaching out to homeless and street youth. They aim to provide young people the confidence and skills to succeed.

If you have work skills to pass on, they’re glad to have you. Essential to ending the homelessness cycle is providing these budding adults with professional abilities and the confidence to use them. They are looking for help with Program Support, Public Relations, Counseling and Fundraising. Call them at (440)591-9471 to find out how you can be of service.

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If you’re ready to get active and involved in your community, contact one of the volunteer organizations listed here. We hope that one of these opportunities is right for you. If you know about any other volunteering opportunities in Streetsboro that might benefit from reaching our network of readers and local Portage County customers, please contact us so we can add them to our list and amplify their message.

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